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In a world where demands on life are increasing, cost of living rising and purchasing prices soaring, consistently, some of your financial dreams maybe unlikely to materialize. Our personal financial planning service will help you achieve your goals through allowing you to invest a small amount of your income, on a regular basis. These investments will help you to generate returns to achieve your goals and dreams. All you need to do, is just define your goals and we will help you to set the appropriate financial plan to achieve it, and hence, build a brighter future for you and your family.

What is personal financial planning program Bena’a?
Why should I subscribe to Bena’a?
What are the benefits?
What does "Family Protection" feature mean?
What Portfolios can I subscribe to?
Frequently asked questions!

What is personal financial planning program "Bena’a"?

It is a medium-to-long-term Islamic-compliant investment savings program designed to help the subscriber plan for future financial needs and goals through committing to a savings plan. The subscriber is provided with the "Family Protection" feature that protects such goals. There are three suggested programs of personal financial planning "Bena’a"; each program is serving a specific goal, and these programs are:
  1. Bena'a for Future: A family program designed to help you save for your future expenses, i.e. buy a house, land or finance your own business.
  2. Bena’a for Education: An educational program designed to help you provide the best education you can afford for your children.
  3. Bena’a for Retirement: A program designed to help you plan for a comfortable retirement and provide you with extra funds necessary to maintain a convenient retirement whenever you decide to retire.
Note: It is not mandatory to choose one of these programs, as they are just suggested plans to help the client define future goals.

Why should I subscribe to "Bena’a"?
"Bena’a" helps you:
  • Provide the best education possible for your children enabling them to acquire a promising profession and future.
  • Cater for your future needs and expenses, i.e. start your own business or buy your own house or land, etc.
  • Save additional amounts of money to enable you enjoy a comfortable, or even secure an early retirement.
  • Enjoy the security and peace of mind of providing a secure future for you and your family through providing for their requirements in case of any mishap (God forbid).

"Bena'a" benefits:
  • Approved by Riyad Bank’s Islamic Banking Shari’a Committee.
  • Decide on the amount of your contribution and the duration of the program in the manner most convenient to your capabilities. However, you may select the duration of the program between 10 to 50 years; your age should be 18 years old or more when you join the program and less than 70 years old at the end of the program.
  • Choose between monthly and annually contributions.
  • Increase your contribution during the program.
  • You may shift your investments between portfolios four times a year, free of charge.
  • Make additional single payments to your program from time to time, other than regular contribution.
  • When your investment amount reaches SR50,000, you can cease further contributions and leave the balance amount invested. However, in this case the "Family Protection" benefit will not be applicable.
  • You can liquidate part of your plan if the resultant plan value is at least SAR 50,000 and the resultant premium is not less than SR 600.
  • Peace of mind by enjoying the "Family Protection" feature, which provides fulfillment of your financial goals and protection of your family in case of death, may God forbid, before the end of the program.
  • "Bena’a" allow you the opportunity to invest small amounts without needing a big capital, in Riyad Capital’s investment portfolios, which are fully compliant with Islamic Shari'a. For your information, Riyad Capital has won many awards in the investment field.

What does “Family Protection” feature mean?

It means that in case of the customer’s death (God forbid), the due amount (consists of the total contributions of the full subscription period) or the investment portfolio amount (which one is higher) shall be paid to the heirs, regardless of the contributions actually paid.

It is worth mentioning that Riyad Bank has kept its promises for its clients regarding "Bena'a" benefits especially "Family Protection”. The paid amount differs depending on the premium and plan term. We will list below some cases benefited from "Family protection":

The first family was the deceased (A.S) family; they received SR 960, 000 as "Family Protection". The client was 50 yeas old married man, a father of four children. He was paying SR 8,000 monthly premiums, in a 10 years plan. Even though his subscription period was not over, and he paid only SR 200,000, his family took the "Family Protection" benefit.

The deceased (A.A.D) family also benefited from "Family Protection". He was 45 years old, a father of three children and a government employee. His family received SR 120,000, he was paying SR 1,000 monthly premium in a 10 years plan. He paid only SR 36,000 in three years before he died.

The next case is the deceased (A.A.S) family, who was a 37 years old and working as a customer services officer in a local bank. The client died after paying two premiums only with a value of SR 1,200. He was paying SR 600 monthly premium, in a 10 years plan. His family received SR 72,000 as "Family Protection".

After our client (A.H) death, who was a 30 years old senior soldier at the Aviation Forces. His family received SR 72,000 while he only paid one premium with a value of SR 600 before he died. He was paying SR 600 monthly premium in a 10 years plan.

The family of the deceased client (T.M) received SR 280,800 as the "Family Protection" benefit. He was paying SR 600 monthly premium in a 39 years plan. The client was a 31 year old Police soldier, and he only paid one premium with a value of SR 600, before he died.

The deceased client (W.A) was a 22 years old senior soldier at National Guard. He died after paying SR 2,400 representing six premiums. His family received SR 72,000 as the "Family Protection" benefit. He was paying SR 600 monthly premium, in a 10 year plan.

The deceased client (A.Q) was 56 years old, a Municipality employee, and a father of six children. His family received SR 144,000, as the "Family Protection" benefit. The client died after paying eight premiums only. He was paying SR 1,200 monthly premium, in a 10 years plan.

What portfolios can I subscribe to?

Riyad Bank offers you four investment funds and portfolios, which are managed by Riyad Capital and compliant with Islamic Shari'a. To select the ones that best meet your requirements keeping in mind the level of risk you are ready to accept. These funds and portfolios are:
  1. The Cautious Portfolio "Al-Hadi" (Low risk)
  2. The Balanced Portfolio "Al-Mokdam" (Medium risk)
  3. The Growth Portfolio "Al-Shuja" (Medium to high risk)
  4. The High Growth Portfolio "Al-Shamikh" (High risk)

Frequently asked questions!

Is it Islamic-compliant?
Yes, it is approved by our Islamic Banking Shari'a Committee.

Why should I subscribe to a savings program while I can save on my own?
Bena’a helps you commit yourself to a savings program to which you contribute a little monthly amount that will eventually help you achieve your goals. Besides, it is a savings investment program that provides family protection benefit in case of your death, may God forbid.

Why should I subscribe to an investment program while I can invest directly in investment portfolios?
You might not be able to afford to subscribe to such portfolios, while "Bena'a" allows you to start your investment with a little amount.

Can I withdraw any time I like?
Yes, you can during 30 days after your initial premium date. If you exceeded this period, you can withdraw only after 6 months from your commencement date. But you should know that the longer the period of your investment with "Bena’a" the better results you reap.

Do the portfolios invest in the Saudi Market only?
What is the expected return?
No, the portfolios are diversified. They are local and global portfolios. However, the expected return depends on the selected portfolios. As it is with all long-term investments, returns are usually very rewarding.

How can I monitor the performance of my portfolios?
You can do that by visiting Riyad Capital's web site

Can I subscribe in the names of my children and my wife?
Yes, you can. However, you need to assign a subscription to each son or daughter of 18 years or above only. If he or she is not of this age yet, subscription can be maintain in one of the parents' name then transferred when he or she reaches 18 years. Moreover, you can assign a subscription to your wife and pay the premiums yourself.

Does the program provide capital protection guarantee?
According to the nature of investment, the capital can not be guaranteed. If you want to protect your capital from the vacillation of the stocks, you can subscribe to the low risk portfolio.

What are the minimum period and amount for subscription?
The minimum plan period is 10 years; the minimum amount is SR 600 monthly, or SR 7200 yearly. However, the amount can be increased any time as much as you like.

Are there any charges in the program?
Yes, the charges are:
  1. Only in the first two years the premiums allocation rate is 75% (for 10 years program), or 65% (if the program is 15 years or above). Moreover, starting from the third year until program maturity, the allocation rate is 103% (for 10 years program), or 104% (if the program is 15 years or above).
  2. "Family Protection" fees deducted monthly, by cancelling investment units to pay the costs of "Family Protection" benefit. The fees cost is determined according to the client's age and gender, in addition to the investment units' value in client's portfolio.
  3. Monthly policy management fees, equals to 0.1% of the investment units value.
  4. Funds manger fees, between 0.5% and 1.5% depending on the fund chosen.
  5. A 7% bid/offer spread for the investment units, applied on all contributions.
Is transferring my salary required?
No. But there should be enough funds in your account at the time of debiting.

How can I monitor my savings?
  • You can contact "Bena’a" advisors who are available at Riyad Bank branches and they will provide their services as needed.
  • You can call our toll number +966 920002470.
  • You can visit RiyadOnline web site ( where you can get all details of your plan including your investment units value.
What happens if I fail to contribute in any month?
Don’t worry, Riyad Bank gives you a maximum of 2 months grace period to pay your contributions. Because if you fail to pay three premiums, your plan will be cancelled according to terms and conditions. To help you not to miss any premium, we will send an SMS to your mobile when you miss any premium. Therefore, you have to update your mobile number when you reach our call center or visit our branches.

Can my savings decrease?
Because of the first two years premiums allocation, your savings will mostly be less than your payments during this period. Moreover, it will be affected by investment performance and some charges. However the performance should not be judged in the earliest years, because it is a long-term investment, it is better to give it more time.

What will happen at the end of the program?
You may either claim your program amount according to its investment value, or extend your program for an extra period.

Where can I apply?
All you have to do is visit one of the Personal Financial Planners located in Riyad Bank branches, to help you in setting a plan, after determining your goals and plan term.