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Who is RiyadOnline for?
How you will benefit
How does RiyadOnline work for you?
The Riyad Bank Advantage
How much will RiyadOnline cost?
Where can I apply for RiyadOnline?
Terms and Conditions

Who is RiyadOnline for?

Riyad Bank's internet banking solution is especially suitable for:

All Riyad Bank customers who own, or have access to a personal computer with a connection to the internet.
  People who are busy and would prefer the convenience of conducting their banking business from home or their office.
  Those who need to make money transfers, submit payroll files, or download account information for later use.
  Those who own or work for a company that requires continuous banking arrangements.
  Those who check foreign exchange rates or local shares regularly.
  Travelers abroad or within the Kingdom who need access to their account details.

RiyadOnline is the best solution for managing your money in a convenient and secure manner using a computer connected to the internet.

How you will benefit

Total convenience and control

  View your account information wherever there is a computer with an internet connection.
  Keep track of your account transactions at a time that suits you.
  Improve control over your finances.

Total Accessibility

  24 hours a day, 365 days a year at your service when and where you want it.
  Live access to up-to-date local share prices and foreign exchange rates.
  Access to the bank's Customer Call Center 7 days a week, 24 hours a day on toll +966 920002470.

Total Security

  The latest technology employed ensures the highest level of confidentiality and security for customers.
  A multi-layered security infrastructure comprising firewalls, filtering routers, encryption and digital certification ensures that your account information is protected from unauthorized access.
  Unique User ID and password ensures that your account information remains private to you.

How does RiyadOnline work for you?

RiyadOnline allows you to take full advantage of today's technology and complete all your bank transactions wherever you may find a computer with an internet connection. You will be able to do the following:

Pay fees for more than 90 government services
  Visa payments and reconciliation service.
  Inquire about mutual funds with the possibility of adding or redeeming units
  Subscribe for IPOs
  SADAD your bills for government service and public
  Pay your loan and credit card installments.
  Submit payroll files via secure email (coming soon)

*Many of these features are also available through other services of Riyad Bank such as: RiyadLine, RiyadMobile, RiyadATM, and RiyadSMS .

You can get your User ID and application code from registering with RiyadOnline, which provides you with all the required information, in addition to a password for your RiyadLine (Our telephone banking service).

Once you receive this application code, simply activate your account through any ATM machine, online or via Riyad Bank branch and you can use this service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Riyad Bank Advantage

Probably the Kingdom's most robust security measures to protect your confidential banking information from others
  One of the first banks in the Kingdom to provide Internet Banking Services.
  Our new infrastructure makes it easier for you to reach any online information about Riyad Bank in general and about your accounts in particular.
  Our simple steps make it easy for you to reach your required account information.
  We have included a tour to help you navigate our site and choose the option(s) that best suits you.
  Our Customer Call Center is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day at toll : +966 920002470

How much will RiyadOnline cost?

It's FREE!!!
As long as you are a Riyad Bank client, this service is provided for you at no additional cost.

Where can I apply for RiyadOnline?

Upon completing your registration, a User ID and application code will be assigned to you. Use this application code to activate your account instantly through RiyadOnline itself or through any Riyad Bank ATMs machine and then choose your actual password.

Should you need any assistance, you may view our demo on how to apply or give us a call at toll number +966 920002470

For our customers overseas, please contact the number: 920002470

Terms and Conditions

The only major condition of this service is that you need to be a Riyad Bank client. Other terms and conditions will be displayed on screen to you during the course of your application.