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Culture Road Program

Riyad Bank offers A financing program supported by the Cultural Fund for private sector organizations that implement projects for the Ministry and its commissions or Which has special projects for cultural activities. Credit facilities are granted from Riyad Bank, and the fund provides a letter of financial guarantee of 90%.
*Terms and Conditions apply
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  • The letter of financial guarantee value starts from SAR 3 million and reaches SAR 15 million
  • Motivating local and foreign investors to enter cultural projects
  • Supporting the projects of the Ministry of Culture and its commissions
  • Supporting projects of private sector establishments that serve the activities of the Ministry of Culture and its commissions.
Existing Riyad Bank customers can apply through the Relationship Manager, New customers can apply through the nearest Riyad Bank Corporate Branch. Or apply via email: cdf& Or click on Apply Now
  1. Literature
  2. Books and Publications
  3. Language and Translation
  4. Libraries
  5. Heritage
  6. Natural Heritage
  7. Archaeological and Cultural Landscapes
  8. Museums
  9. Visual Arts
  10. Film
  11. Theater and Performing Arts
  12. Music
  13. Fashion
  14. Culinary Arts
  15. Architecture and Design
  16. Cultural Festivals and Events
  • Age of the facility: All new and existing
  • The sectors approved by the Fund: All segments initiated, micro, small, medium and large segments
  • Life of the funded cultural activity: All new and existing
  • Nationality of the facility: Saudi and foreign (having headquarters in the Kingdom)
  1. Establishing and operating the activity
  2. Assets (construction, leasing and purchase)
  3. Working capital (salaries, expenses and operating expenses)
  4. Deduction of logistics and supply chain invoices
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