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Riyad Foreign Exchange ATM

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Riyad Bank is proud to present new ATMs which allow withdrawals of four foreign currencies (US Dollar, Euro, British Sterling, UAE Dirhams) using mada cards issued by other banks, not only Riyad Bank.

Why Choose Riyad Foreign Exchange ATM from Riyad Bank?

  • Accepts mada cards issued by other banks
  • Competitive fees
  • Convenience of instant hassle-free currency exchange
  • Available 24/7
  • Safer and cheaper option than exchanging currency abroad at foreign banks

To know how to use Riyad Foreign Exchange ATM, all you need to do is follow the steps shown in the video.
Locate the nearest Riyad Foreign Exchange ATM.

Foreign Currencies ATMs Sites:
ALMassif branch – Abu Baker AlSiddiq Road
Al-Rawda District Al Hassan Ibn Ali
Al-Rawda District, Imam Muhammad bin Abdulaziz
Al-Salama District Sarry St.
Al Basateen District, King Road
Dammam Airport - Dammam
Bin Khaldoun District King Fahd Road - Dammam
Al Khobar
Northern Khobar District ,King Abdulaziz District - Al Khobar
Al Hofuf
Dhahran District
Buhaira District, King Saud - Hail
The District of silence, the main street

Security Tips:

  • Beware of people trying to help you at the ATM
  • Memorize your PIN and never write it on the back of your card
  • To avoid any suspicious activity, make sure to not share your PIN with anyone
  • When you notice any suspicious activity on a Riyad Bank ATM, please immediately call (+966) 920011404

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the service available for other Saudi banks’ customers?
Can credit cardholders withdraw from these ATMs?
In case the customer could not receive the amount while the account was debited, what the customer is required to do?
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Is the exchange rate of every currency fixed or floating?


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