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Riyad Bank contributes to sustainable development through the Social Responsibility Program Bukra.
The program aims to position Riyad Bank as a leading member and add value to the community in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Consisting of 3 main pillars: – Empower, Develop, and Conserve.
They are the principles that guide every activity we undertake, and every effort we make.

Launched in 2019 and enhanced in 2024, our Bukra Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy aims to deliver quality corporate social responsibility initiatives in alignment with the Bank’s strategy and operations, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Our ultimate objective of our Bukra strategy is to become a leading example of how sustainable business practices can add value to employees, customers and broader Saudi society.

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Empowerment strategies focus on improving access to educational and professional resources across various sectors, enhancing inclusive practices in workplaces, reducing social discrimination, and developing comprehensive support programs that include vocational training and improved accessibility for all individuals in the community
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The development pillar focuses on enhancing employment opportunities through mentorship and job training programs, supporting growth across various sectors including small and medium enterprises with training and technology solutions, facilitating access to financial resources and financial literacy, and improving the economic conditions for marginalized communities..
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The Conserve pillar focuses on enhancing the conservation of natural resources and environmental protection, supporting community efforts in recycling and ecosystem revitalization, and promoting environmental initiatives across various sectors to ensure ecological balance and long-term sustainability.


The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility is among Riyad Bank's top priorities


Aligning our vision, mission, and objectives with the Saudi Vision 2030 will create the impact that we are seeking for. Through our new strategy; we aim to generate impact, establish sustainable practices, and shift our focus beyond the traditional corporate philanthropy model to a comprehensive, strategic and impactful sustainable strategy that benefits both the business and society.Bukra is our new name, identity, and program of Riyad Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility that we aim from it to be among the leaders of the sustainable development.

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