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Registration after Opening Account Online

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How to Enroll to all our Digital Channels after opening digitalized account:

  1. You will receive a temporary user number and password by SMS on your mobile. The validity of the password will be 7 days

  2. Now, you should be able to activate your digital banking account by following these steps:

    • Go to Riyad Online website or download Riyad Mobile app from any application store compatible with your device
    • Enter your user ID (sent via SMS) and enter the temporary password (which you should have received by SMS)

Note: In case the temporary password expired, you can create a new one via ATM, Riyad Online, and Riyad Mobile.

Riyad Online:

  1. Press forget password

  2. Enter your National ID

  3. You will receive one time password

  4. Enter your mada card password that you can set through via ATM:

    • Insert your card
    • Press forget password
    • Enter authentication code sent to your mobile by SMS
    • Enter your password and re-enter it again for confirmation
  5. Press new user name and enter your email

  6. Set your new password

Now you completed your registration to our digital channels.


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