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Virtual Card

Riyad Bank Virtual card gives you an easy and safe way to shop online.

No need to wait for the mail to receive your card, apply and get your Virtual card instantly through Riyad Online or Riyad Mobile, with all the information you need including a 16 digit card number, a CVV, and expiry date.

  • No credit check
  • Instant issuance
  • Worldwide acceptance
  • No annual fee
  • Credit Counseling

Apply for a virtual card via Riyad Online or Riyad Mobile

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Riyad Bank Virtual card gives you an easy and safe way to purchase online. There are many benefits, including:

  • Instant Issuance
  • No annual fee
  • 3D secure for safe online shopping
  • Easy funding from your current account to the virtual card account number via Riyad Online or Riyad Mobile
  • Accepted worldwide in all websites
  • Transferring money from Virtual Card to your Current Account via Riyad Online
  • All Riyad Bank customers
  • Should be 18 years of age and above
  1. Open a Current Account at Riyad Bank

  2. Register on Riyad Online or Riyad Mobile

  3. Apply for a virtual card via Riyad Online or Riyad Mobile and accept the terms and conditions

  4. Load your Virtual Card from your current account

  5. Purchase using your Riyad Bank Virtual Card details

Prepaid Card Fees & Charges
Title 2
Card issuance / Re- issuance
Load / Re- Load
Additional fee on non-Saudi Riyal transactions /International Transaction
Paper statement (based on customer request)
SAR 100

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Virtual Card?
How can I obtain a Virtual Card?
How long is a Virtual Card valid for?
How can I load my Virtual Card?
Where can I purchase with my Virtual Card?
Can I add funds to a Virtual Card?
Can I merge funds from more than one Virtual Card?
What is the minimum and maximum load limits on a Virtual Card?
What if my Virtual Card, cvv, or expiration date are compromised or stolen?
How do I check my Virtual Card available balance?
How do I dispute a transaction on my Virtual Card?
Will a payment go through if my purchase exceeds the available balance on my Virtual Card?
What are the costs associated with using a Virtual Card?
How many Virtual Card can I apply for?
Can I refund the amount credited to my Virtual card?
Are there any fees charged when I transfer from the Virtual card account to my current account?
What is the maximum purchase limit using Virtual Card?

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