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Security and Awareness Tips

Security Tips when using the Digital Channels:

  • Never access Riyad Online from a link provided from an unknown source other than official SMSs, and emails by Riyad Bank
  • Use strong Passwords that cannot be guessed and change them frequently
  • Never use unknown Search Engines, or links to access your account
  • Never share your password with others, or write it anywhere that can be accessible to anyone
  • Do not disclose any Online Credentials (Username and Password) with anyone claiming to be from Riyad Bank
  • Never leave your personal computer or device unattended while logged into Riyad Online or Riyad Mobile
  • Be sure others are not watching you when you enter your Online Credentials (Username and Password)
  • Click on Logout to successfully close your session

Security Tips when using your Personal Device:

  • Do not use a jailbroken or Rooted device
  • Do not install any unknown/unofficial/untrustable apps or programs on your device
  • Try not to use Shared devices to log into your banking channels
  • Do not allow anyone to register their credentials (Username and Password) on your device, nor their Touch/FaceID (iPhone), or Fingerprint (Android)
  • Notify the Bank if your device is stolen in the case your device is linked with the Bank (For example: Touch/FaceID (iPhone), or Fingerprint (Android))
  • Always use the original Operating system of your device
  • Regularly install the necessary security updates to keep your device up to date
  • Make sure to have anti-virus installed on your device as well as making sure the firewall is active


Tips for the use of Mada Cards, Credit Cards and e-services

  • Keep your card PIN safe and do not share it with others
  • Refuse any assistance that anyone on the side of the ATM may give you
  • Take caution when using ATMs located in remote locations
  • Sign at the designated place upon receipt of your credit card
  • Destroy your old card when it expires
  • Make sure that you make the card payments yourself
  • Check the amount you are required to sign
  • Subscribe to receive text notifications on your mobile
  • Inform your bank of your contact information every time you travel abroad so that you are immediately contacted if suspicious transactions are carried out using your card
  • Notify your bank as soon as you receive an SMS about any payment from your card that may appear abnormal, and if your card is lost, stolen or you did not receive it, call 920002470 or 8001242225 immediately, for customers out of Saudi Arabia please call 00966920002470

How to maintain your credit history

  • Full obligation to pay your outstanding instalments

  • Ensure that checks are not written without sufficient funds in your account
  •  Fit your credit card limit with your obligations
  •  Updating the data after payment is the responsibility of the financier. The update period varies from one side to another according to their update cycle. Therefore, we recommend that you check your credit record to ensure that the obligations are closed after payment

    Stumbling stays registered at the date of the credit report and the stumbling stops automatically after 5 years from the date of payment of the full debt balance, according to the applicable system and approved by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA), in order to assist the financiers in assessing the creditworthiness of customers and making the decision of grants

    Cyber Security essential

    For Cyber Security essential, click here.


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