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Latest technology and highest level of protection.
Riyad Bank offers you maximum security and confidentiality.

Riyad Online Security

Riyad Bank is committed to making Riyad Online banking safe and secure. Nevertheless, you must remember that you need to stay protected from various risks of electronic fraud and hacking.

Riyad Bank’s role in security

Riyad Bank ensures, with its state-of-the-art security infrastructure, which access to your account information is private and secure.

Riyad Bank automatically increases the security level of your Internet browser to 128-bit encryption when you sign-in to Riyad Online banking to safeguard your financial transactions and make sure they are performed at the highest security level.

Our server is certified by "Verisign" with a 128-bit certificate which is recognizable by your browser.

Riyad Bank prohibits your browser from creating copies of Riyad Online’s secure web pages, which may have been stored or "cached" by your browser, from accessing the server information once you close your session.

If you share your computer with other users, they will not be able to view your personal information on the browser cache. You must close your browser following logout to clear the browser history.

Multi-level authentication is implemented throughout the service, requesting a logon password and/or security token authentication code depending on the transaction type and amount.

Three repetitive failures in entering a password will lock your service and require re-activation to use it again.

The system enforces a session expiry following a defined period of inactivity (10 minutes) with an open Riyad Online.

A summary of your previous session activities is displayed upon request from the logon page, so you can verify the details of previous actions to the service.

Riyad Mail is an easy and secure tool on Riyad Online for communication between Riyad Bank and the customer.

Riyad Bank is committed to keeping customer information confidential and allows only authorized persons from the bank to view this information.

No external party can access customer details, except in the event of a formal request from a judicial authority.

Your role in security:

Your logon password is designed to protect the privacy of your banking information; therefore you must set a password that contains numbers and characters that would make it difficult for others to guess. Riyad Online alerts you when choosing a weak password that others can guess.

Your password must be kept confidential and should never be disclosed to anyone, including Riyad Bank staff.

If you think your logon password has been compromised, you must change it immediately or call our unified number 8001242225 for assistance.

There are certain conditions which must be met during the setup of the password.

Riyad Bank recommends changing the password from time to time and not use Riyad Online from public places like internet cafes, hotels, airports, etc.

Always ensure you access Riyad Online from the website ( and never click on any unknown hyperlinks.

Please be very suspicious of any emails, websites, businesses or persons that claim to be from Riyad Bank and ask for your User ID, password, account number, or other sensitive account related information.

If you happen to respond to such messages, please contact the Riyad Bank unified number at 8001242225 

Do not leave your computer unattended when you are signed on to Riyad Online. Take the time to 'Logout' from the service and close all browser windows once you have successfully logged out.

It is recommended to not open any programs or non-Riyad Online windows during your session.

In order to make your computer and online activities secure, we recommend you do the following:

  • Always keep your computer operating system (e.g. Windows,) and office applications (i.e. MS-Office) up-to-date with the latest software updates released by their corresponding vendors through their official websites
  • Install the latest updates for your browser
  • Install and enable an Anti-Virus application, and keep it up-to-date with the latest virus updates. Also ensure that you regularly scan your entire computer for possible viruses
  • Protect your computer from Trojans and Spyware and keep your Anti-Spyware software up-to-date with the latest updates. Run regular scans for Spyware on your computer
  • Install and enable Firewall software on your computer and allow only certified applications to have access to the Internet

Security options

Riyad Online provides Riyad Token which offers safety when you logon to the system and conduct financial transactions or perform other services which require additional authentication.

Authentication via mobile phone (for individual customers only) Riyad Online allows the use of your registered mobile number at Riyad Bank as an authentication tool by sending out a short message (SMS) with the authentication code that gives you access to the system.


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