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Instant Payment Service (SARIE)

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The Instant Payment System "SARIE" is owned by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA). The system is designed to facilitate the process of low-value fund transfers between local banks and speed up the transfer of low-value funds, enabling instant, 24/7, year-round execution. sarie offers additional features to enhance user convenience, such as using aliases for IBAN (such as mobile number, national ID number, Iqama, or email) to transfer funds up to SAR 2500 without needing to add or activate a customer.


  • Instant Transfers to local banks
  • Transferring money 24 hours 7 days a week
  • Using alternative identifiers for transfer, such as (mobile number, the national ID number/Iqama or Email)
  • Transfer without adding or activating a beneficiary in the quick transfers limit

SARIE Transfers limit:

The Users can make Instant Transfers either to saved list of beneficiaries or transfers without the need to create and activate beneficiaries; i.e. transfers can perform by entering beneficiaries IBAN number or a proxy identifier such as Saudi National ID/Iqama number, Mobile Number or the email ID.
An explicit consent from customers are required through channels in order to activate and use proxy transfer services. Whilst the Customers will also have the option in digital channels to opt out of proxy transfer services at any time.

  • Instant Transfer limits through saved or added Beneficiary: The maximum limit for instant transfers to saved or added beneficiary is SAR 20,000, the transactions above this limit will be processed through normal local bank transfer method without any change.
  • Limits for Quick Transfers using IBAN or Alias: The Users will have utility to make quick transfers by entering the Beneficiary’s IBAN or Alias and without the need to create and activate beneficiary beforehand. The maximum transfer limit for this service is SAR 2500 and it is configurable for Users to set the desired limit within the maximum range, by default the limit will remain as zero.

Frequently Asked Questions

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