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Business Guides from Riyad Bank will assist you with this process and allow you to assess the likelihood of your chances of succeeding.

  • Access to experienced banking professionals
  • Free business planning software
  • Create values that can steer you through tough times
  • Perception of opportunities and threats of your industry

Planning and preparation does not just give you a blueprint of your business, but will allow you to take advantage of opportunities and at the same time avoid pitfalls that can make your business fail.

That’s why Riyad Bank is offering a free Business Toolkit, which consists of Business Guides, International Finance Corporation (IFC) Business Software and online resources that can make your business a success.

The toolkit includes:

  • Plan your growth – A step by step guide
  • Planning your cash flow
  • Managing your cash flow
  • Finding sources of capital
  • Creating a financial proposal
  • Bookkeeping and record keeping basics
  • Cash flow budget worksheet
  • Creating an effective business plan
  • Gross Profit Margin calculator
  • Loan payment calculator
  • Providing superior customer service


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