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Riyad Mobile Business

Riyad Mobile Business application offers additional banking benefits for optimal business management and can be used anywhere, anytime. “Riyad Mobile Business” app is designed to be compatible with Riyad Online Corporate to provide you with a combined experience across all our digital banking channels.

  • A convenient and user friendly mobile app to help you manage your corporate finances
  • Fast and convenient way to track your transactions, make payments and much more
  • Highly secure with dual control that enables you to access your account
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“Riyad Mobile Business” is a specially designed mobile banking application to help manage your business online through smart phones. With “Riyad Mobile Business”, make transactions, access reports on all accounts associated with your Riyad Online Corporate account and approve any transaction, in a fast, easy and secure manner.

The app is available on android and IOS to help manage the banking needs of your business through your mobile without the need to visit the branch. You can simply log in using the Riyad Online Corporate user name and password and activate this service by registering as a new user.


You can now download Riyad Mobile Business on android and IOS platforms.

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If not registered for Riyad Online Corporate already, please visit:
or call us on 800-122-2444 or (+966) 920001816


  • Simple and secure completion of transactions, approvals, and service payments
  • The ability to view the account reports associated with the main account
  • Extra widgets have been added for quicker functioning

*All services are free of charge except for the transactions.

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