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Riyad Bank’s Business Advice is aimed at doing just that, with easy to understand guides and resources through the right tools to help you achieve business goals.

  • Access to experienced banking professionals
  • Free software to help you with your planning
  • Support you when making important business decisions
  • Help you develop important business skills to achieve business objectives
With Business Advice you can rest assured knowing you have the backing of highly trained specialist to provide you with the best guidance possible in the whole Kingdom.
Unfortunately it is a sad fact that 80% of new businesses fail mainly due to poor planning, over-optimistic expectations and inadequate financial resources. The good news is Riyad Bank are taking the lead in understanding the varying needs of different businesses and providing you with a specially tailored package to suit your business requirements.
No matter how big or diverse your business is, Riyad Bank will take the time to study your specific banking needs and provide you with the best financial expertise and assistance to so you can run your business to its full potential.
Riyad Bank Business Advice is available free of charge and to all business owners regardless of whom they bank with.
Our toolkit can be accessed through our website or by calling 920001816.


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