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World Elite Islamic Mastercard Credit Card

Riyad Bank's World Elite Mastercard is specially designed to give you all the privileges and services in single card.

  • No annual fees for life
  • Unlimited free lounge access at airports worldwide
  • Travel Insurance
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Riyad Bank is pleased to present to you the World Elite Mastercard credit card which will offer you a range of unique privileges such as booking in the leading restaurants worldwide, traveling to a new place of recreation, or enjoying unique events that meets your needs.


  • No annual fees for life
  • Unlimited lounge access across at 850+ airports worldwide for the cardholder and one accompanying guest
  • Get free accommodation in more than 200 participant hotel of Marriott Bonvoy in the Middle East and Africa
  • World Elite Concierge service 24/7
  • Enjoy a great discounts on airlines, car rentals & retail stores
  • Discounted Fast track travel Visa service
  • An Unrivaled shopping experience & luxury spa discounts
  • Receive your credit card PIN securely and instantly through your Riyad Online account. To know how all you need to do is to follow the steps shown in the video.
  • Emergency services to meet your needs, such as credit cards delivery inside & outside the kingdom and emergency cash while travelling
  • As Mastercard World Elite credit cardholder, you will automatically enroll to Hassad rewards program, where points redemption can be made through Riyad Mobile, and Riyad Online to unlock a world of possibilities.
  • Enjoy 500 complimentary Hassad points upon activating your Mastercard World Elite credit card.
  • For more information, Visit Hassad T&C
  • For the latest Riyad Bank World Elite Mastercard credit cards please visit
  • For more information about World Elite Mastercard Credit Card, click here

For Credit Cards APR disclosure, click here
* The credit card is exclusive for Private Banking customers only

Should be segmented as a Private Banking customer or Family (Private) customer.

Visit any Riyad Bank branch with the following documents:

  • Copy of valid Saudi national ID for Saudi nationals
  • Copy of valid resident Identity card or Passport for non-Saudi nationals
  • Salary certificate mentioning employment start date for salaried individuals
Or Apply through Riyad OnlineRiyad Bank website or call 8001242020
MasterCard World Elite Islamic Credit Card Fees & Charges
Title 2
Annual Membership Fee
SAR 1,500
Free for Private Banking customers
Annual Percentage Rate
2.08% per month
28.02% per annum
Late Payment
SAR 100
Cash Withdrawal Fees
SAR 75 per transaction of amount up to SAR 5,000 and 3% or SAR 300, whichever is less, for transactions that exceed SAR 5,000
Additional fee on international transactions
Annual Membership Fee (Additional Credit Card)
Annual Membership Fee (Supplementary Credit Card)
Replacement Card
SAR 50
Credit Shield (Optional)
0.49% of the total outstanding balance
Monthly Minimum Payment
5% of the total due or SAR 200, whichever is higher
Fee for issuing a Transaction doc.
SAR 50
VIP airports lounges access fee (Mastercard Travel Pass)
Unlimited, complimentary free access for the cardholder and one guest to over 1000 , Marhaba, and CAC lounges in more than 450 cities in over 135 countries worldwide. ** in case of more than one guest it will counted as $32 fees per guest.

Can I use the credit card immediately after receiving it?
Are there any fees on the credit card?
How can I view the transactions done with my card?
Would I be registered immediately for Riyad Online after receiving my credit card?
What if I lose my card?
Can I change my PIN?
How can I enroll in Hassad Rewards Program?
Are there any risks in using credit cards online?
Are there any installment plans to settle my credit cards purchases?
Can I increase my credit card limit?
Does the card allow me to access VIP lounges at international airports?
How does the Riyad Bank Contactless Credit Card work?
How is the Riyad Bank Contactless Credit Card more secure?
Where can the Riyad Bank Contactless Credit Card be used?
How will I know if a retailer accepts contactless payments?
How close to a PoS terminal reader do I have to be to ‘waive’ my card?
How will purchases appear in the monthly statement?
How will I know if the transaction is successful?
Is there a limit on the value of goods I can purchase with my contactless card?
Is there a transaction limit on my Riyad Bank Contactless Credit Card?
What if I wave the card twice at the terminal? Will I be charged twice?
What if I am passing by a contactless terminal and a contactless transaction takes place?
Can my Riyad Bank Contactless Credit Card details be intercepted during a payment?
Is contactless technology secure?
Can I ‘Tap’ or ‘Waive’ my contactless credit card to get cash out at an ATM?
What if my Riyad Bank Contactless Credit Card is lost or stolen?

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