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Keeping your business up-to-date with today’s modern technology and efficiency.
We know you do not spare any effort to please your customer, especially when it comes to payment terms, Riyad Bank innovated the most advanced Point-of-Sale terminals that will facilitate your staffs’ daily work to better serve your customer.

  • Best rates in the market
  • Free installation within 48 hours
  • Free SIM card, no need for a land line
  • No monthly and maintenance fees
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Riyad Bank understands in today’s competitive market it is important to make your sales as easy as possible to improve profitability and keep up with the latest technological demands when it comes to safety and efficiency.

A Point-of-Sale terminal (wired and wireless such as GPRS and Bluetooth) is an electronic device used to process electronic funds from card payments and generally does the following:
  • Reads the information of a credit or debit card
  • Checks whether the funds in a bank account are sufficient
  • Transfers the funds from the customer’s account to the seller’s account
  • Records transactions and prints a receipt
The benefits of having a POS system set for your business are but not limited to:
  • Meets the expectations of future monetary transactions in Saudi network
  • Accessing statements of transactions for terminals at any time through Riyad Online
  • Accepts all electronic payment cards, whether local or global
  • Automatic transfers from POS terminals to merchant account
  • Easy to use and understand and there is no learning curve involved
  • Maintain control in your absence by easily reviewing transactions
  • Collects money efficiently and securely
  • Does not limit your sale to “cash only”
  • Is not vulnerable to viruses and common computer problems
  • You now can collect the transaction amounts undertaken by POS without the need to reconcile the transaction, for more information click here.
atheer is a value-added service to the point of sale machines that allows mada cardholders to make purchases payments by waving the card in front of the point of sale terminal.

The goal for this feature is to reduce the waiting time for the customers for purchases, and will encourage them to visit your store more often and at the same time provide a faster and safer service for the customers.

Mada cardholders can use this service for any single purchase amount that is less than 100 SAR and a total cumulative amount of purchases less than 300 SAR. Cardholders may be asked to enter their PIN occasionally for extra security.

Where is atheer service available?

It is available at merchant locations that have requested service activation from their banks. Merchants whom accept atheer can be known through the service sticker displayed at cashiers.


Conditions and requirements:

  • PoS to have the atheer card reader service
  • Bank card that has atheer service
All commercial banking accounts opened through commercial registration are eligible.
To apply please contact sales team through emails:
A Transaction record given to a Cardholder by a Merchant at the time of purchase, refund, or other transaction type bearing the details identified by The Acquiring Bank in respect of POS transactions. Merchant must store receipt as paper or electronic format (excluding Email or SMS format) in their systems.


The Merchant shall:

  1. Ensure that their Merchant’s trading/brand name and outlet location is printed clearly on the Mada-POS Receipt, and is correct.
  2. Assumes the responsibility for secure storage (an environment where the temperature never exceeds 25C and the humidity is kept below 20%) of all Mada-POS Receipts for a period of 2 years after the transaction date. Failure to provide The Acquiring Bank with requested documentation (in readable form) within, and no later than, 5 working days after receipt of such request may result in the Mada-POS transaction being charged back to The Merchant, and The Acquiring Bank shall have the right to debit The Merchant’s account for the full amount of the Mada-POS transaction in question.
  3. The Merchant shall, immediately after each Mada-POS transaction is effected, deliver to the Cardholder a true and complete copy of the Mada-POS Receipt. The Merchant agrees that all the Mada-POS Receipts printed pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement shall be denominated in Saudi Riyals (SAR).
  4. In the event that the transaction is not approved by Mada-POS, The Merchant will provide the Cardholder with the corresponding transaction receipt for his / her records.
The following instructions and procedures, which will help you to complete transactions securely. You, the merchant, acknowledges that Riyad Bank shall not be held liable for any consequences arising from the application or misapplication thereof. Furthermore, the merchant shall follow these instructions:
  1. Make sure that the credit card is not forged or stolen by:
    • Comparing the name appearing on the credit card with name written on the ID card or any other official document
    • Comparing the photo appearing on the official document with the cardholder’s face
  2. Never divide the purchase amount over multiple transactions with one credit card
  3. Make sure that the customer is not using his/her credit card randomly and wrongfully such as using more than one credit card without knowing the available balance
  4. After completing the purchasing transaction, compare the last 4 digits of the credit card with the credit card number appearing on the receipt. If the number does not match, then the card is illegal
  5. If the transaction is accepted and does not require entering a PIN, sign on the merchant receipt copy
  6. Make sure that the credit cardholder signs the purchase invoice
  7. Make sure that the signature on the receipt matches the signature on the back of the credit card
  8. For hotels and travel agencies, review booking details (check-in date, check-out date, accommodation price per night, ticket price and cancellation policies) and prove it to the bank upon request

What is double swiping?

It is incorrect practice that is done by businesses when a cashier swipes or inserts a card in a POS to process payment, then swipes the magnetic strip again on the log machine for cash payments.


What are the risks that can harm the merchant as a result of double swiping a card using the log machine for cash payments?

The programs used on these machines are usually not secure because of the network and lack of antivirus programs to protect from fraud. This can cause security breaches and the merchants may suffer from one of the following:

  • A full investigation on the merchant’s systems (which can be costly)
  • Settling compensation claims for loss to banks
  • Negatively affecting the public image of the business and its reputation thus impacting customer trust

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Keeping your business up-to-date with today’s modern technology and efficiency.
We know you do not spare any effort to please your customer, especially when it comes to payment terms, Riyad Bank innovated the most advanced Point-of-Sale terminals that will facilitate your staffs’ daily work to better serve your customer.

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